On the other side of the lens

I had a pretty incredible week last week being filmed for Duke’s Boots riding my horse bareback along Camber Sands. The filming was done by the wonderful Russell, who had me in stitches all morning and it was used as the latest campaign for the incredibly versatile, but good looking, Duke’s Boots. I ended up being the subject because I shot the last stills campaign for Dukes, and then when the founder, Daisy, approached me asking if I knew anyone who could gallop a horse down the beach, I replied telling her, ‘Yes, me!’

I jumped at the chance to be filmed because I grew up obsessively watching by The Black Stallion by Francis Ford Coppola. Not only is it a film where the cinematography is spectacular, it is also about one of my favourite subjects, horses. In it, a little boy gets stranded on a desert island with a wild horse, whom he learns to ride bareback and there’s a brilliant scene of him galloping down the beach with his hands in the air. My challenge was set!

I have 2 horses and ride most days, so once Daisy asked me to do it, I thought I better practice my hands free capabilities. It is actually much easier than it looks and is more about mind over matter, because essentially when you’re riding, the only thing that keeps you on is balance and a bit of strength in your core and legs. 

Check out the final edit below!

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