About Lucy

"I fight to take a good photograph every single time."

- Annie Leibovitz



Lucy Mohr is a portrait & documentary photographer specialising in people, weddings & animals. 

Lucy's home studio is at her home in Kent, United Kingdom, but she travels throughout the UK & beyond.

When she is not photographing, Lucy is either with her family, children & friends, riding her horses, playing the piano, or cooking.


Lucy was trained in Journalism and works hard to create images that make the viewer feel something. 

'Storytelling is vital to me and I want the people  that I photograph to feel an element of both recognition, and happy surprise at what my images communicate to them- and about them.

I'm a lifelong animal lover and owner. Animals form a huge part of mine & my family's life and working with them feels a very natural (and important) step to take in my work.'

Work with Me

To get in touch, simply fill out the contact form or email at [email protected]