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A Few Reviews & Testimonials 

Gavin Dunkerley

"We chose Lucy to be our wedding photographer mainly because she is incredibly personable. Our logic was that her naturally friendly manner would put our guests at ease and she'd get some wonderful shots of our big day. As it happens she delivered that with aplomb and so so much more.

First of all, It's worth saying that the happy couple may well need a super positive and naturally calming influence on the day. We didn't expect to need this or indeed the photographer to step up and provide it but Lucy did!

Some more observations... The stamina it takes to capture 1000s of pictures over many hours is not something to be undervalued. Lucy was 'on it' all the time... continuously... and her sense of fun and energy never waned. Not once.

We learned that Lucy holds herself to high standards and she will do almost anything to get the perfect shot. She was everywhere. Even our guests commented that, whilst she naturally blended in to the day, she got herself into some quite astonishing positions to capture those perfect shots.

Lucy was also very flexible on the day. You can plan until your hearts content and Lucy will fully embrace those plans. However life happens... sunshine, rain and priceless moments. Lucy was alert to it all and adapted to capture the moments and shenanigans in all their wonder. She completely understood how to get the most out of the light, dark and other environmental elements. Dogs and kids can be a challenge but Lucy is a mum and animal lover and was every bit as accomplished with our dogs, flower girls and page boys as she was with those mischievous adults.

We have a newly acquired admiration for the sheer amount of skills it takes to be a great photographer. We are over the moon that we chose Lucy to be our photographer. We have several hundred incredible memories artfully captured in astonishing detail to remind us of our day for the rest of our lives. Thank you Lucy - you're a superstar and we absolutely personally recommend your services to anyone! - Gavin and David xx"

Luke Epps

"We chose Lucy to be our photographer after meeting her at our friends wedding last year and seeing how at ease she puts not just the bride and groom but all the guests. Shes fun, lively and takes the kind of shots you'll see on the best Pinterest boards.

She has the best ideas and as she floats around you get the very best natural shots, couple that with her natural happy persona and you've a photographer thats a friend. We will be having lucy capturing other happy moments in our life!"

Jamie Platts

"I first met Lucy on a lovely evening in Folkestone in the beach where we were going to be taking some pictures in the sea, little did I know that in the middle of September the temperature would be freezing cold. I was invited to work with Lucy in an exciting project looking at talented sports men and woman of Shepway. Working with Lucy was an absolute pleasure and was refreshing due to her professionalism and creative thought process to capture the perfect image. Lucy braved the sea to ensure she could gain the perfect shot which was really good as this demonstrated Lucy’s dedication to capturing the images she desired.
Very professional and highly recommended for all occasions. Thank you for being a pleasure to work with."

Zoe Keene

"I really don't know where to start...Lucy is amazing! Not only has she taken the most incredible photos and really captured every part and sentiment of our day, she has such a wonderful relaxed, fun style - she wasn't at all intrusive and actually felt like part of the family and yet still managed to get some really unique and original photographs. We are absolutely blown away by the beautiful photographs of our special day, we've laughed and cried looking back at the photos. Thanks so, so much Lucy, you've really done us proud, you've captured the magical memories from the best day of our lives. I can't wait to share these fab photos with our friends and family!!
Loads of love Mr & Mrs Wildman xxx"

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