About Me

Shortlisted for Portrait of Britain; Winner of The Telegraph's Big Picture; Editor's Choice, National Geographic. 

about my work

I'm not very comfortable talking about myself- much happier being the person asking all the questions- but a little bit of my background that influences my work is my degree in fashion journalism from London College of Fashion and time spent when I was younger living in Indonesia and meeting people from all around the world.

I'm a self taught photographer, but I have been lucky enough to spend time photographing the Palio di Siena with conflict photographer, Marco di Lauro and time in Mongolia with travel photographer, Timothy Allen, both of whom taught me a lot.

My work tends to focus on 'hero portraits', but all types of photography can interest me and I try not to pigeonhole myself- or be pigeonholed. People and animals capture my imagination the most, because it's with them that I find I can capture the most meaning and emotion, but I like a challenge and an opportunity to grow and to learn. My plan is to keep working hard to create images that are original and that make you feel something.

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