About Me

About my work

I was trained in Journalism and work hard to create images that make the viewer feel something and which tell a story. 

Storytelling is vital to me and I want the people that I photograph to feel an element of both recognition, and happy surprise at what my images communicate to them- and about them.

I'm a lifelong animal lover and owner. Animals form a huge part of mine & my family's life and working with them feels a very natural (and important) step to take in my work.

For my wedding work, I like to 'shoot from the heart'. It's really important to me that my images make the viewer really feel something; joy, laughter, emotion, wonder. Whatever it is, there is no room in my photography for merely taking shots that are just there as a record. I want my images to be something truly special.

About me

I'm a portrait & documentary photographer specialising in people, weddings & animals. 

My home studio is in Kent, United Kingdom, but I'm very happy to travel to you, wherever you are. 

I have two gorgeous children and am also pretty serious about my horses, whom I compete in showjumping and eventing. I love to cook and play the piano, and I really love a story. I'm a real people person, I love to be around people and I'm fascinated about the stories that make up the individuals we become.